2021 Trends for Data Backup Disaster Recovery – Part 1
December 4, 2020
Six Managed IT Services Trends for 2021 – Part 1
December 11, 2020

As discussed in Part 1, every business should have a data backup and disaster recovery plan. In the event of a cyberattack or natural disaster, your organization will be able to resume operations as quickly as possible, decreasing downtime and minimizing economic losses. Part 2 will discuss the 2021 Trends in Data Backup and Disaster Recovery.
In the past few years, developments have transformed the data backup and disaster recovery field. Improved cloud and data storage technology is now readily available for businesses large and small, resulting in greater data security. The following discusses several solutions that your business can consider implementing in 2021.
Automation Inside Cloud ‒ Using physical media for backup is becoming outdated. Using automation in the cloud for backing up makes the process automatic and faster. Geo-redundancy provided by several servers makes data even more secure.
Big Data & Machine Learning ‒ Along with enormous amounts of data being generated, there is an increasing demand for AI (artificial intelligence) for more rapid and efficient data management. The application of AI will allow data management and backup to increase in efficiency, reliability, and security.
Combined Approach ‒ In the past, data backup and disaster recovery were considered separate tasks. Nowadays, service providers specializing in data protection view them as being combined in a single seamless operation. As discussed above, the entire process can be automated in the cloud, resulting in more rapid recovery.
DRaaS (Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service) ‒ Hosting disaster recovery on premises can be very costly. Thus, companies are teaming with MSPs (Managed Service Providers) to oversee their data recovery planning and implementation.
IoT (Internet of Things) ‒ Wide deployment of IoT will result in organizations generating and gathering large volumes of data. As a result, companies must adapt their systems and networks to cope.

Progressive Data Protection ‒ Data protection now goes beyond a single separate backup. A growing number of businesses are implementing data replicas, data snapshots, and secondary storage. Having secondary data enables DevOps (development and operations) as well as testing.
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