5 Steps for Securing Your Company’s Business Data – Part 1
July 2, 2019
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July 10, 2019
As discussed in Part 1, cybercriminals are growing in sophistication, and so executives must stay informed regarding the new methods hackers are using to steal data. Part 2 will discuss the five steps for securing your company’s business data.

1) Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication or two-step password authentication ensures the individual logging into a device or network is indeed a person authorized to do so. In the event a username and password are stolen, the required second step makes it extremely difficult for a cybercriminal to gain access without the authorized user’s email address, mobile device, or thumbprint.

2) Automatic Software Updates

Sophisticated hackers are capable of scanning unprotected networks to verify the software versions an organization is using to know if any can be exploited. To help prevent exploits, automatic software updates should be set for all operating systems, device security settings, and programs. Security patches and other updates installed in a timely way will help ensure your system has the latest protection.

3) Backup & Disaster Recovery

Implementing an effective backup solution is an essential feature of a disaster recovery plan. The encryption and backup of business data offsite in the cloud will provide organizations a secure and efficient method for restoring mission critical business functions as soon as possible after a data breach.

4) Employee Education

Providing regular training and education to company personnel regarding cyber threats will greatly improve the IT security of an organization. As previously mentioned, human error is the main cause of data breaches. Raising awareness among employees regarding the threats malware, social engineering, and phishing pose will strengthen the first line of defense.

5) Secure IT Infrastructure

The expense involved in securing a company’s networks and devices is worth the investment. According to research, the average data breach will cost a company $3.86 million. However, a massive data breach may run into the hundreds of millions. Take the initiative by asking a technology-support provider to perform a security audit of your IT infrastructure.
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