Know Why You Should Replace Your LIMS? – Part 2
May 30, 2020
Basics & Benefits of a Software-Defined Data Center – Part 2
June 8, 2020

A growing number of companies are benefiting from using cloud platforms to support collaboration, promote enterprise innovation, and increase staff productivity. Migrating to the cloud can also bring significant advantages, which result in greater accessibility, less maintenance, and reduced operational costs.
One product that has emerged from this trend is the software defined data center (SDDC). They are like traditional data centers, but they differ in several crucial aspects as discussed by the following.

Data Center and SDDC Comparison

A data center retains a company’s entire database within a centralized infrastructure. It is the hub for IT equipment and operations. A data center can be a built for a single particular company. However, there are some that store data for several companies. Vendors that operate data centers are specialists in ensuring data is secured and servers function so their customers are assured of business continuity.
A platform that can be thought of as SaaS (Software as a Service), an SDDC centralizes a company’s IT operations and data. Just like a traditional data center, a software-defined data center is required to have near perfect uptime and its data must be secured. However, this is the end of their similarities. In contrast to a typical data center, an SDDC is not a physical location. Instead, it is composed of virtualized servers that run in the cloud.
In terms of the evolution of data centers, experts believe SDDCs are the future. Researchers believe that three-fourths of the capabilities of SDDC will be mission critical for companies seeking to make progress in DevOps by the end of 2020.
Parts 2 and 3 will cover the FAQs (frequently asked questions) below to help an organization determine whether or not transitioning to an SDDC now will be beneficial.
• How does an SDDC function?
• What benefits may result from transitioning to an SDDC?
• What is the future of SDDCs?
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