Best Reasons for Upgrading to Windows 10 – Part 1
December 3, 2019
Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 – Part 1
December 12, 2019

As discussed in Part 1, Windows 10 has matured into a safer and more efficient operating system since its introduction in 2015 and can provide significant benefits to your business. Part 2 will discuss Improved Syncing, Increased Update Efficiency, and Web Browsing Safety, three more of the best reasons for upgrading to Windows 10.

Improved Syncing

Windows 10 makes it easier to sync your work and home computers seamlessly. Its innovative solution called Timeline saves snapshots of Windows applications that were being used at a moment in time. The Windows 10 Taskbar has a Task View icon that will allow you to select a snapshot to resume wherever you had stopped working on a file, including Office programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Each single snapshot can be synced on all the Windows 10 computers of a Microsoft user account.
Increased Update Efficiency
The Unified Update Platform (UUP), a technology feature in the Windows Update tool, makes the update process much more efficient. After indentifying the specific Windows 10 updates needed by a computer, UUP downloads just what is actually needed. As a result, Windows update downloads are reduced by up to 35%. This saves valuable time and also conserves the storage space on your computer.

Web Browsing Safety

Available on the Windows 10 Enterprise and Professional versions, Windows Defender Application Guard allows users to deploy the Edge browser within a virtual machine. In the event someone unknowingly downloads a harmful file after entering a malicious website, the malware will be unable to cause any damage to either the affected PC or your company’s network because it will be quarantined within the virtual machine.
REMINDER: Support for Windows 7 ends on January 14, 2020.
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