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December 30, 2020
Choosing Wired or Wireless for Your Company – Part 2
January 10, 2021

People are now accustomed to using Wi-Fi at home or on the go and doing so on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. As a result, many consider a hard-wired Internet connection unnecessary and less convenient. However, companies should pause before deciding to get rid of Ethernet cabling. Wired Internet connections provide several important benefits that wireless does not.

Wired Benefits

Ethernet connections deliver faster data transmission speeds from the Internet to your computer. Moreover, lag is significantly decreased as opposed to using Wi-Fi. A wired connection also reduces the probability of a lost connection. For users worried about protecting data, security is also stronger over wired connections, reducing the chance of data breaches. All of these points are important for organizations that process immense volumes of data that cannot accept even occasional interruptions of connectivity.

Businesses that transfer large files over its LAN (local area network), such as a post-production video house transmitting 4K files of feature-length movies to its facility’s server, will require a hard-wired connection to perform this task with speed and efficiency. It is important to consider that the speed that data can be transferred from device to device will not be the same as the network’s Internet speed. The bandwidth it has will be the limitation, which is a bottleneck that might slow down data transfer via the Internet from your business to the rest of the globe.

Wired Considerations

Prior to opening or transferring into a new office, consult with an experienced IT professional and ask for a survey of the building’s Internet connections. The new facility should have gigabit switches capable of conveying modern data workloads. You do not want to find out later that 10/100 switches are not capable of handling modern bandwidth consumption. In addition, you may have a VOIP phone system that needs hard-wired connections to function. Your company may also have desktop PCs that are configured to only connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable.

Part 2 will cover Wireless Benefits and Wireless Considerations.

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