Cloud Managed Services’ Top 8 Benefits – Part 1
November 8, 2020
How to Improve Your Company's Data Availability
November 15, 2020

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As discussed in Part 1, a Cloud Managed Services Provider (cloud MSP) allows businesses to outsource the IT management and technical support of their cloud-based services. Part 2 will discuss five more benefits for using a cloud MSP.

4) Future-Proofing

The migration to cloud platforms is the initial step for future-proofing a company’s data center because it involves the implementation of the most up-to-date services and technology. In addition, servers that are on-premises are typically expensive to maintain. There can also be a catastrophic failure in the event of a manmade or natural disaster. Cloud computing, backup, and disaster recovery minimizes the risk of the loss of invaluable data.

5) Compliance

For organizations such as financial institutions, healthcare providers, and online retailers that are under strict guidelines, compliance to security and privacy regulations overseeing sensitive data is mandatory. A cloud MSP can provide assistance to a company so they can stay compliant with stringent regulations like those set forth by HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act).

6) Cybersecurity

Companies in every industry are being targeted around the clock by increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. Fortunately, retaining a cloud MSP will strengthen your cybersecurity because they will expertly formulate strategy and oversee implementation. They will be responsible for handling the mitigation and response to cyberattacks. Your company’s proprietary and sensitive data will be more secure.

7) Expertise

Complexities of cloud services may mean that your in-house staff may not have the skills and knowledge needed for running, maintaining, and troubleshooting them. By utilizing a cloud MSP, your organization can benefit from the technical expertise of IT professionals who are dedicated to supporting your organization.

8) Disaster Recovery

On-premise servers are costly, require maintenance, and need complicated disaster recovery plans. In contrast, a cloud MSP can help ensure your organization’s data is secure over every application and service. If disaster strikes, your company can restore business continuity while minimizing downtime.
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