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Crucial Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 2
October 11, 2020
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October 17, 2020

Part 3 will cover Emergency Backup Power, Communications & Internet Reliability, and Remote Work Policy.

Emergency Backup Power

Although your company cannot prevent power outages, it can install an emergency standby generator that will automatically activate when electricity from the utility is cut. Ensuring a continuous flow of electricity when the power grid fails will help prevent serious losses. Each hour of downtime costs the average small business upwards of $8,000. This can be critical for the survival of your business if a natural disaster causes a power outage that lasts several days or weeks. You may be able to recoup your investment on a generator after a few outages. Work with a licensed electrician to select the proper system for your business requirements.

Communications & Internet Reliability

Aside from electricity, a high-speed broadband connection to the Internet is crucial for the functioning of your business. Make sure that your telecommunications network is resilient and reliable to enable your plans for both business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) plans. The loss of Internet connectivity and essential communications can interrupt operations, severely cut productivity, and compromise the health and safety of employees.
Have a second ISP (Internet service provider) as a backup in case your main ISP provider fails. When ISP service is interrupted, your company can automatically redirect its IP addresses to the backup network. To further ensure continuity, implement wireless internet connectivity over a 4G LTE or 5G wireless internet failover option to prevent disruptions when fiber optic services are cut from your main and backup ISPs.

Remote Work Policy

There can be instances when a disaster will make it impossible or impractical to have employees return to your office. Thus, drafting a remote work policy will help your organization be well-prepared should circumstances require your employees to work at home. A written policy will help ensure that all staff members are aware of security guidelines that are applicable off-premises involving passwords, Internet usage, sensitive information, and shared networks and databases.
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