Cybersecurity for Your Small Business – Part 1
January 3, 2018
Growing Small Businesses with Managed IT Services – Part 1
January 11, 2018

As discussed in Part 1, many small business owners do not know that they are more attractive than larger companies as targets for cybercriminals. Half of small businesses have had their security breached during the past year. Part 2 will discuss solutions and best practices for cybersecurity.


The following briefly lists the most common security solutions that a small business can use to protect itself from cybercrime.

Antivirus – Utilizing proven antivirus software that will provide protection against most types of malware is essential for security.

Firewall – Implementation of firewalls should involve both software and hardware. They prevent access by unauthorized users to a computer or network. Windows operating systems include firewalls.

Data Backup – A company’s data is perhaps its most valuable asset. A data backup solution will allow information that was lost or deleted from an attack to be recovered quickly.

Encryption – Confidential and sensitive data, such as customer information, can be strongly protected by encryption and a two-step authentication for access.

Insurance – Cybersecurity insurance will help an organization recover financial losses or legal costs stemming from a data breach.

Best Practices

It is very important to diligently install patches and update software and operating systems for protection against security vulnerabilities that hackers are perpetually seeking.

Employee education is a crucial aspect of protecting company data. Keeping staff members up to date regarding the methods employed by cybercriminals to infiltrate company networks and how to recognize them will significantly raise the level of security at an organization.

Setting and implementing a strong data security policy aids in decreasing the probability of attacks from cybercriminals. An example of an effective initial step is requiring employees to use very strong passwords.

Formulating, updating, and regularly practicing an incident response plan in the event of a cyber breach will allow an organization’s staff members to react decisively and rapidly, minimizing losses. Emphasizing the importance of security among your employees will establish a mindset of constant vigilance.

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