Selecting LIMS or SAP for Laboratories – Part 6
April 28, 2020
Cybersecurity Threats for Summer 2020 – Part 2
May 10, 2020

In the second quarter of 2020, cybersecurity threats continue to be a growing threat. In 2019, companies in every industry suffered costly data breaches. We will discuss the cyber threats that your organization should be aware of during the summer of 2020. Take a cost-effective approach and work with a Managed Services Provider to strengthen your IT infrastructure against cybersecurity threats.

New Technology Targeted

Cyberthreats will increasingly target new technology such as 5G, AI, and machine learning. The adoption of 5G will provide much higher bandwidth, allowing criminals to carry out more powerful and expansive attacks that can be more costly to victims. The advent of 5G will result in the transition to a ‘virtual all-software network’, resulting in more vulnerabilities. The implementation of AI and machine learning will lead to new security threats involving biased algorithms that result in security weaknesses.

The Cloud

Numerous organizations migrated their computing and data to the cloud in 2019. Some assumed that this would decrease cyberthreats, but these companies are not immune. For example, a major credit card company suffered a serious data breach after a cybercriminal managed an unauthorized entry into the servers of their hosting cloud computing company. More than 100 million cardholder records were exposed by the hack.

IOT (Internet of Things)

By 2026, the market for IoT (Internet of Things) will attain a value of $1.1 trillion. Most consumers are aware of smart devices and many have purchased one. Manufacturers are creating a growing number of IoT products. They will appear in appliances ranging from washing machines to blenders. Unfortunately, most manufacturers have not fully developed a strong security approach. Thus, the expanding usage of IoT means that cybercriminals will increasingly target them.
Part 2 will discuss Phishing Attacks, Deep Fakes, and Strategy.
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