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March 31, 2021
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Essential Guide for Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery – Part 2
April 9, 2021
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Businesses learn three things while running daily operations on computers and servers.

1) Computers and servers storing data can and will fail.

2) Staff can and will make errors resulting in the loss of data.

3) A manmade or natural disaster resulting in the loss of data can and will happen.

Fortunately, an organization can take the proper steps for the prevention and mitigation of all of the above. Since data is usually a firm’s most precious asset, data backup & recovery should be prioritized by every business.

Be proactive by planning and installing a data backup system long before any issue arises. This system can be successfully implemented through the use of separate drives and an offsite server to store data. If there is no system in place, data recovery will be extremely challenging, if not impossible, when there is a loss of information caused by a manmade or natural disaster.

Basics of Data Backup & Recovery

The process of data backup & recovery is the backing up of data in case of an incident resulting in the loss of data during operations. This will entail setting up a secure system that will let your company quickly recover data. Data backup will require copying and archiving data, so that it will be accessible in the event of data deletion or corruption. Data backup is an essential aspect of any disaster recovery plan.  

The backing up of data will not always be capable of restoring a computing system’s settings and data. As an example, active directory servers, computer clusters, and database servers might require more disaster recovery solutions because data backup & recovery might not fully reconstitute them.

Nowadays, organizations are able to back up great volumes of data utilizing cloud storage. Thus, archiving data on external storage or the hard drive of a local system is no longer necessary. In addition, it is now possible to configure mobile devices to use cloud technologies for automatic data recovery.

Part 2 will discuss Offsite Servers and Independent Drives.

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