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Essential Guide for Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery – Part 3
April 12, 2021
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Essential Guide for Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery – Part 5
April 19, 2021
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Types and Importance of Data Backup

Although data backup is a concept easy to understand, the implementation of an efficient and effective system can be challenging. Fortunately, software applications are now available for decreasing the complexity of data backup & recovery operations. The following summarizes the various types of data backup:

Full Backup – A basic operation, full backup creates a copy of all data onto a CD, disk, or tape. Thus, a comprehensive copy of all data is accessible on one media set. This process requires more time to carry out and needs more storage space. Typically, it will be utilized in conjunction with either an incremental or differential backup.

Incremental Backup – This operation copies only data changed since the previous backup operation. An application will record and monitor the data, along with the time and date when backup operations were performed. An incremental backup requires less time and storage media to perform.

Differential Backup – This operation copies all data changed since the last full backup performed.

Importance of Data Backup

The purpose of a backup is to create a data copy that can be restored if there is a primary data failure. This can be caused by accidental data deletion, cyberattack, data corruption, a hardware or software failure, or human error. Backup copies enable the restoration of data, allowing a business to recover faster from an unforeseen event.

The storage of copied data on a separate medium is required for the prevention of corruption or loss of data. The medium typically takes the form of an external drive, cloud storage container, disk storage medium, or tape drive. The backup medium can be stored in the same location of the facility or offsite, which is advisable in areas prone to severe weather events.

To obtain the best results, backups should be performed on a consistent and regular basis to minimize the volume of data lost during an event. If there is a significant amount of time between backup operations, there is a greater potential for data loss that will make data recovery more difficult.

Part 5 will discuss the Basics and Importance of Disaster Recovery.

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