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Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

Lacking a data backup and disaster recovery (DR) plan, a company is in danger of an unrecoverable data loss, lost revenue, and extended downtime. The following discusses five reasons why every organizations should have a DR plan.

1) Everyone is vulnerable – Your profession or size of business does not matter. You can be a lawyer, a doctor, pet shop owner, or the CEO of multinational company worth billions, and your data could be a target.

2) Data loss can occur easily – An incident of data loss can happen any time. It can be caused my hardware malfunctioning, human error, malware, disgruntled employees, natural or manmade disaster or hackers.

3) Preserve important business data – Business data of a company is often its most precious asset. 60% of businesses that suffer a major loss of data shut down in less than 6 months after a disaster. About 72% permanently close within two years.

4) Prevent extended downtimes – Losing data can cause extended periods of downtime because employees are unable to perform their tasks. For example, they cannot assist clients without account information being available in the system. To ensure business continuity, a DR plan must include steps for restoring data.

5) Maintain good reputation – The loss of valuable data and the resulting downtime can harm the reputation of a company and its employees in the eyes of clients and customers. How will they every be able to trust your organization again if you did not have a sound DR plan in place?


Best practices call for every organization to have a data backup & disaster recovery plan. Designing a well-conceived plan and testing it regularly will protect a company and help prevent business losses caused by data loss.

Keep in mind that data backup is an aspect of a DR plan, while disaster recovery itself is a component of a company’s security plan. An organization prepared for worst-case scenarios involving loss of data will be capable of ensuring business continuity and rapid recovery times.

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