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January 10, 2019
Five Important Data Center Trends that Will Grow in 2019 – Part 2
January 18, 2019

Emerging ideas and technologies that involve data center architecture will lead to different approaches for increasing data center efficiency and effectiveness to attain a competitive edge. Business owners and IT personnel should be aware of the following five important data center trends that will grow in 2019.


Edge Data Centers

Intended to support and enhance data center and cloud services, edge computing is the decentralized extension of the cloud or data center, campus, and cellular networks. As the use of big data grows rapidly, processing this stream becomes increasingly inefficient. As a result, businesses are increasingly decentralizing by placing edge computing locations nearer to places where data is produced.

Edge implementation can be applied to a wide range of industries, leading to the creation of branch locations, microdata centers, and small hubs for processing data. Successful edge computing systems will be efficient and resilient, and its architecture will promote business goals.

An estimated 10% of commercial data is generated and processed beyond conventional and centralized data center or cloud services today. A study projects that it will grow to 50% by 2022.

SSD Solutions

From less than 10%, experts estimate that half of data centers will utilize solid state drives (SSDs) to attain high performance for computing and big data workloads by 2021. SSD technological advances, along with reduced pricing, have led to wider acceptance.

Increasing adoption has had a positive influence on data center design by reducing the space required. As SSDs are significantly smaller than conventional hard drives, companies have been able to decrease the number of racks needed for computing and storage.

A recent study evaluated the effect of replacing conventional hard drives with SSDs. Companies that were involved in the research project attested to major reductions in the costs involved in powering and cooling their data centers. Savings averaged about $74,000 for a three-year period.

Part 2 will discuss Converged Technology, Data Center Efficiency, and Greater Reliance.

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