Five Important Data Center Trends that Will Grow in 2019 – Part 1
January 15, 2019
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January 22, 2019

As discussed in Part 1, emerging ideas and technologies that involve data center architecture will lead to different approaches for increasing data center efficiency and effectiveness to attain a competitive edge. Business owners and IT personnel should be aware of the following five important data center trends that will grow in 2019.
Part 2 will discuss Converged Technology, Data Center Efficiency, and Greater Reliance.


Converged Technology (CT)

Converged technology’s architectural objective is the simplification of data center design for greater agility. This goal is aided by new applications that provide increased integration among solutions and automation. Improvements in integration will aid the usage of containers, the cloud, and virtualization.

CT architectural design will better integrate edge computing and SSD solutions. Deployment will be faster and use-targeted, making a data center more efficient. To be successful, converged technology will require solutions for data center optimization, edge service deployment, and data center management simplification.

Data Center Efficiency

Organizations will seek new methods to make their data centers more efficient. Optimization efforts will include edge data center deployment, SSD upgrades, converged technology, and the removal of outdated legacy features.

Improved airflow management is allowing data centers to increase efficiency because they are able to streamline operations. They are utilizing modular containment for primary systems for airflow optimization. In addition, new airflow management systems addressing the needs of converged systems are coming into play.

New data center management solutions have also led to the integration of AI, virtual systems, the cloud, and more. An organization should first evaluate the current state and needs of its management platform prior to embarking on a plan for improving its functionality.

Greater Reliance

A trend that will continue to grow is the greater reliance on data centers by organizations. This will be the case even though more and more workloads are transitioning from being on-premises to the cloud. Data center providers will increase their revenue through the growth in edge and hybrid cloud deployment and co-location services.

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