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June 7, 2019
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June 17, 2019
A company with its own IT personnel may consider retaining a managed services provider (MSP) to be unnecessary. However, an approach combining both may bring advantages in terms of operational efficiency. The following will discuss how augmenting in-house IT technicians with an MSP can help a business function more efficiently.

IT Team Can Work Strategically

While a company’s IT personnel directs its energy on strategic business initiatives or mission-critical problems, management can hire an MSP to take care of aspects of the network and infrastructure that would otherwise be neglected. To illustrate, while the IT staff implements cloud computing for payment processing that will help the company strategically, the MSP will handle routine tasks like network monitoring, web hosting, and hardware upgrades.

MSP Expertise Available

Another advantage of using an MSP is the ability to use their expertise to directly address an urgent IT need. For example, you may be concerned with business network and data security. However, your in-house IT staff is currently dedicated to an ongoing strategic project, while still taking care of daily routine tasks. It would be much more efficient to hire an MSP with an experienced security expert to focus on your concerns, rather than overburdening company personnel. Due to ongoing professional education, an MSP can often provide an expert with specialized knowledge at a much higher level than the typical company IT technician.

Business Continuity Ensured

Suppose your company’s network suffers a serious crash one day after the IT director responsible for the system left for a 12-week maternity leave? Typically, another IT team member who is less qualified would be asked to fix the problem. A better alternative would be retaining an MSP qualified to take over all key IT responsibilities at the beginning of the three-month period. A network expert on their staff will be capable of fixing your network crash in the most effective and efficient way possible. Relying on someone who would have to learn as they go would lead to longer downtime, diminished productivity, and losses in revenue.
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