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Hyperconverged Infrastructure’s Top Benefits – Part 1
March 10, 2021
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STARLIMS SDMS V12.2 Released – Part 1
March 18, 2021
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As discussed in Part 1, hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) is increasingly being implemented by businesses. It is costly and complex to operate and scale traditional three-tier architectures that involve computing, networking, and storage. Part 2 will discuss Greater Scalability, Improved Resource Management, and Disaster Recovery Efficiency.

Greater Scalability

The inherent qualities of HCI allow this system to develop and expand along with an organization. Unifying computing, network, and storage solutions promotes scalability. Expanding the capabilities of a legacy system takes more time and effort because new hardware would have be to added.

Scalability is both crucial and essential for companies that are growing. In addition, organizations that cope with seasonal business fluctuations can benefit from an HCI because this system eases the addition and subtraction of resources and capabilities.

Improved Resource Management

Software-defined, HCI is a unified system combining storage, computing, networking, and management, every element of a traditional data center. It is an integrated solution utilizing software and x86 servers that can replace costly purpose-built hardware.

The management of an HCI system is more straightforward than legacy alternatives. An organization’s IT staff can direct attention on important technology initiatives that lead to increased revenue, rather than on storage and other routine matters. In addition, HCI also eases the elimination of hardware that is no longer necessary or redundant.

Disaster Recovery Efficiency

Hyperconverged products now feature elements improving disaster recovery capabilities. HCI systems typically include backup, recovery, data protection, and data deduplication solutions. Built-in analytics will track and manage all these elements.

One very valuable benefit of improving disaster capabilities is faster recovery. By deploying hyperconverged infrastructure and associated software, your company can resume normal operations swiftly, minimizing disruption and revenue loss.

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