STARLIMS PH12.1 & Public Health Bundled Solution Launched – Part 1
September 23, 2020
Crucial Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan – Part 2
October 11, 2020

Ensuring that your company’s data and IT infrastructure are protected is only one aspect of a disaster recovery (DR) plan. Determining the procedures for resuming online services and operations will also be required. Instead of trying to pick up the pieces in panic after a manmade or natural disaster, create a plan that will have your team ready to get your company up and running again. The following will discuss the Top 10 Features of a DR plan.

Communication Plan

In the face of a disaster, the stress levels of employees will be very high, and they will need guidance to maintain composure. A communication plan that sets forth procedures will be needed so that your staff can continue working as a team. Updated contact information, including essential vendors and service providers, is a key feature of this document. Email templates should be created that will provide directions for each employee in the event of a disaster. Timely and relevant communications will reassure employees that their co-workers will be working together to safely get through the event.

Team Assignments

Each worker will play a crucial role in helping to restore operations after a disaster. Having them know their assignments prior to an event will significantly decrease your company’s RTO (Recovery Time Objectives), which is the anticipated length of time needed for restoring operations.
Each employee should be required to have a strong understanding of their role in the event of a disaster. Examples of important tasks include the setting up of workstations, replacing damaged equipment, redirection of telephone services, damage assessments, assessment of data loss, and interfacing with clients.
When roles, assignments, and responsibilities are clearly defined for all staff members, disaster recovery plans can be carried out swiftly. This will allow your company to restore business operations efficiently and mitigate the negative effects of a disaster.
Part 2 will discuss IT Infrastructure Protection, Data Continuity, Backup Testing, and Temporary Backup Server Strategy.
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