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July 16, 2018
Most Likely Cyber Attacks to Fear – Part 2
July 23, 2018

The cyber attacks organizations are afraid of are usually different than the attacks that are the most dangerous. This results in taking the wrong steps. For example, a sophisticated intrusion detection system may be implemented when improved software patching is actually needed.

The reality is most firms have to deal with attacks that are similar, and these are what they should prepare for. The following are the five typical kinds of cyber attacks that your company should fear. Consult with an experienced and expert managed IT services firm to protect your company.

Malware and Social Engineering

The potent mix of malware and socially engineering is typified by ransomware, which is the top attack employed by cyber criminals. Users are duped into deploying a Trojan horse program from a trusted and familiar website. Malware attacks that are socially engineered are blamed for millions of breaches annually.

The most effective defense is employee education and training regarding cyber threats such as ransomware and social engineering. Companies can prevent attacks by prohibiting staff members from visiting unauthorized websites or responding to suspicious e-mails. Installing a proven anti-malware solution is also a must.

Phishing for Passwords

Password phishing attacks are also quite common. Studies estimate 60% to 70% of all e-mails is spam. Many of them are phishing expeditions intended to fool users into providing their credentials for logging in. Anti-spam solutions have made substantial progress, and most of the dangerous e-mails are prevented from reaching our inboxes. Unfortunately some of them still break through, and they trick the user into clicking on a link that requests confidential information.

The best prevention for the password phishing threat is to implement authentication solutions such as two-factor authentication, biometrics, and smartcards. These proven measures prevent logons from being easily provided, effectively stopping password phishing.

Part 2 will cover Threats from Social Media, Neglected Software Patching, and Advanced Persistent Threat.

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