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June 17, 2019
New Features and Upgrades of Windows Server 2019 – Part 2
June 22, 2019
Microsoft’s newest version of their server operating system, Windows Server 2019, has new features and upgrades that expand on several functions of the previous release, Windows Server 2016. This article will discuss the most notable revisions and how they may apply to your IT infrastructure.

Key Changes

The new features and changes to Windows Server 2019 involve the following: additional hybrid cloud options, improved Linux support, upgraded security via shielded virtual machines, new technologies in the storage subsystem, and enhancements to the Windows Admin Center.

Windows Admin Center

Windows Admin Center (WAC) is a graphical console for the management of servers. A browser can provide the control for the solution. In addition, remote use is available, and administrators can control connected hardware.
Through an Azure connection, the program now offers a solid platform for the organization of a hybrid cloud solution. Keep in mind that WAC cannot totally replace the Remote Server Administration Tool (RSAT), which must be used in conjunction.

System Insights

System Insights is an additional control tool for server administrators. This AI solution is capable of analyzing resource requirements, as well as issuing warnings when capacities become severely limited. Through the utilization of scripts, administrators can plan ahead for urgent interventions required for the reconfiguration of server resources.

Azure and Hybrid Cloud

Microsoft is further embracing cloud technology with Windows Server 2019 by closely integrating Azure beyond interfacing with WAC. Connecting the cloud computing platform to the local server, the Azure Network Adapter provides a VPN connection rapidly between both systems with minimal configuration. Features included are Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Update Management.


Windows Server 2019 eases Linux integration by making it possible to run both Linux and Windows containers on the same host. The Microsoft Store also now offers easy downloads of Linux distributions for the Linux subsystem. Thus, applications that are intended for Linux can also run on the server, allowing solutions such as Bash to function.
Part 2 will discuss Kubernetes, Security, and Storage.
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