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May 7, 2016
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May 13, 2016

Firewalls are designed to be a filter and a layer of protection between your computer/network and the Internet. You can program what you want to get out and what you want to get in. Everything else will be prohibited. There are several different methods that firewalls use to sort out information, and some are used in combination. These methods work at different layers of a network, which determines how specific the filtering options can be. Firewalls can be used in a number of ways to add security to your home or business.

Large corporations know that having the proper firewall in place can save lots of money and aggravation by preventing unwanted access to their network system.

Firewalls can be configured to prevent employees from sending private company information and certain types of emails through their network system. Also, firewalls can block employees from being able to view certain websites like Facebook or other sites that would cause them to be distracted from their work.

Companies can choose a variety of options when configuring their firewall to block pages that take away from daily productivity. They also  want their employees to protect the privacy of their company.

Home computers also need firewalls to protect them from malicious mischief. Malware, also called malicious software, is the primary threat to a home computer. Viruses are the most common malware that people are familiar with. A virus can be transmitted to your computer through email or over the Internet and can quickly cause a lot of damage to your files. Other malware includes Trojan horse programs and spyware.

These malicious programs are designed to acquire your personal information for the purposes of identity theft of some kind.

There are two ways a firewall can prevent this from happening. Firewalls block designated data from coming through your computer or it can prohibit all traffic unless it meets a predetermined set of criteria.

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