Selecting LIMS or SAP for Laboratories – Part 2
March 22, 2020
Ways Hyperconvergence Can Protect Data Centers – Part 1
March 27, 2020


Initially a basic system for tracking samples and data management, LIMS solutions are now capable of managing a variety of laboratory processes, which can be integrated within a single centralized system.

Sample Management

• Assignment and tracking of batches
• Automation of sample logins
• Barcode scanner and printer compatibility
• File import or manual entry of sample data
• Reporting of sample history
• Tools for storage management and mapping


• Automated maintenance or testing schedules
• Calendar events for batch sampling and equipment usage
• Sampling points continually monitored

SOP Visibility

Users receive notifications for timing of tests, availability of results, and periods of equipment downtime.

Equipment Management

• Acquisition of data in real time
• Compliance with GMP and other regulations
• Integration of lab equipment and operational software
• Monitor equipment status
• Workflow steps automated

Entry of Results

• Duplicate samples incorporated
• Linking of batches, samples, results, and tests with external files
• Results automatically processed and downloaded into compatible formats

Tools for Reporting

• Automatic printing, faxing, or emailing of reports
• Data, equipment, inventory, report, and schedule monitoring
• Generate reports automatically on customized templates
• Interactive charts and graphs
• Labels printed as determined by results
• Results integrated with ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook)

Individualized Access

• Equipment accessible only by certified or trained technicians
• Messaging automated to personnel
• Only appropriate users can view data and reports
• Sample and inventory chain of custody
• Track access/usage of files and equipment
• Traceability of batches, samples, and test results


LIMS is capable of integrating process and specialized testing equipment into a single program. LIMS also eases the access, analysis, and interpretation of data, as well as the tracking and retrieval of samples and laboratory records. However, tasks like operational procurement and billing require separate handling.
Part 4 will provide a Comparison and Contrast of SAP and LIMS.
Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation
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