Seven Symptoms of IT Network Issues – Part 1
November 9, 2017
Six Tactics for Implementing Data Center Trends – Part 1
November 15, 2017

As discussed in Part 1, significant costs resulting from the use of outdated and inferior technology are mostly concealed. Committing to the maintenance of an obsolete or poor IT system will make a company reactive to events, waiting for breakdowns and then fixing them. A firm doing so thinks it is economizing, when this practice is actually accruing hidden costs. Each fix may add another layer of complexity in terms of maintenance. New staff may be unaware of all these solutions patched together like a quilt, slowing repairs. Part 2 will discuss four more symptoms of IT network issues.

Slow System – When this complaint becomes common, it probably means your technology is no longer up-to-date. A slow IT system diminishes morale and productivity. The effects are significant in terms of annual wasted labor costs per employee. The solution is more than purchasing new equipment. Foresight and planning are needed. Consulting with an IT expert regarding your firm’s needs now and for the future will be required.

Unforeseen Purchases – When staff members suddenly need to buy new equipment regularly, it indicates that planning for natural replacement and upgrades is missing. Important hardware and software required to carry out your company’s business mission have finite service lives and should be replaced as scheduled.

Viruses and Malware – Attacks from viruses and malware should not be a regular occurrence.  Up-to-date anti-virus and malware protection, along with security patches of operating systems and software, should prevent most every attack. If a firm constantly suffers from viruses or malware, it is a strong indication that this aspect is not being managed properly.

XP and Vista – Both operating systems are no longer supported by Microsoft and security updates will no longer be provided. Using either will risk your company’s data. Windows 7 support ends January 14, 2020.  Time marches on, so wisely plan ahead and replace outdated operating systems before they are no longer secure. Cybercrime is growing and will eventually affect each organization in one form or another.

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