How Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business Five Ways – Part 2
May 17, 2019
STARLIMS Chemical, Petrochemical & Refining Solution – Part 2
May 23, 2019
Whether your company runs operations worldwide or regionally, the STARLIMS Chemical, Petrochemical & Refining LIMS solution can provide support for monitoring and controlling every process within a central system.

Batch Testing Efficiency

STARLIMS allows scheduling collection and testing of sample points, batch, and quality control samples. Capabilities include coordination of batch testing, release, and COA (Certification of Analysis) generation. Usage of batch templates is enabled for the definition of materials that are being tested, assignment of test profiles, definition of results specifications, and control over the progress of a sample for its entire lifecycle. Labs will also be able to create recipes and associated batches. In addition, stability management goals can be attained through the management of protocols, sample inventory, studies, pulling schedules, conditions, and locations. Task outsourcing to third-party labs will also be possible. 

Test Schedule Coordination

Capable of coordinating several criteria regarding hourly, daily, and annual schedules, labs equipped with STARLIMS can schedule sampling points and QC samples automatically. In addition, the configurations of triggers, sample points, re-sample and re-test workflows are also enabled. The automation or modification of testing schedules in light of evolving compliance, regional customers, seasonal needs, shifts, and holiday schedules is also possible. Organizations can determine the specific season(s) for the manufacture of a product as well as control the timing for logging of particular materials.

Results Evaluation

STARLIMS-equipped labs can automate both routine data analysis and complex calculations. They will also be able to implement SPC (Statistical Process Control) through control charts and set the rules for tracking. Automatic detection of rules violations can be enabled for determining subsequent steps for sampling and testing. Personnel will able to spot trends and patterns in sample results during a period through a graphical format. In addition, they can observe testing and compare results for the blending, merging, and re-grading of products. Additional features include worksheet generation, result calculations, and specification comparisons
Part 2 will discuss Quality Process Enhancement, Assurance of Compliance and Best Practices, and Logistics Streamlining and Automation.
Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation
Alpha Engineering Associates, Inc. has been involved with the implementation of over 50 LIMS systems ranging in size from small, “off-the-shelf” software systems to very large, highly customized, multi-functional systems, including STARLIMS, for both governmental agencies and private enterprises. For affordable client-focused network consulting services and solutions, please call Alpha Engineering Associates today at (410) 295-9500.

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