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October 14, 2019
STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1 Launched
October 20, 2019
In July 2019, Abbott Informatics announced the release of their STARLIMS Environmental Science Solution ES 3.1. This version provides 20 new or improved features, which were created by working with Abbott customers around the world.

ES 3.1 release helps raise efficiency, laboratory productivity, and traceability for every certified testing laboratory, including those required to meet the stringent requirements of ISO17025, ISO 9001, EPA, and NELAP accreditation programs.  The following lists the new and improved ES 3.1 features:
• New – Advanced Hold Time Management
• New – Automated Dry Weight Basis Reporting
• New – Advanced Microbiology Workflows
• Improved Functionality for Managing Analyst Capabilities / Certifications
• Improved Bottle Kit Requests
• Improved Sample Aliquoting and Container Subcontracting
• Improved Container Receiving
• Improved Internal Custody and Container Management
• Improved QC Template Functionality
Built upon the newest release of the STARLIMS Technology Platform v11, the enhanced STARLIMS Environmental Sciences Solution ES3.1 is intended to help laboratories become more efficient and maximize their laboratory data.
ES 3.1 includes STARLIMS ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook), which gives lab personnel a user-friendly tool for entering results, preforming complex calculations, and acquiring method execution capabilities. Capable of easily interfacing with instruments, ELN allows results to be documented electronically. In contrast to Excel, there is secure storage of data inside the STARLIMS database, preventing the creation of uncontrolled copies.
Unifying and integrating the STARLIMS solutions, SDMS (Scientific Data Management System), AA (Advanced Analytics), and Mobile capabilities, the deployment of ES3.1 will aid labs by providing speedier configuration, increased flexibility, deeper perception and analysis of data, and enhanced user experience.
In addition, ES3.1 has ready-made tools, including a wide selection of Tests, Methods, and Quality Control samples that are preconfigured for the most typical matrices (Solids, Drinking Water, and Non-potable Water).  These out-of-the-box features can help labs shorten deployment time and decrease the expenses of implementing STARLIMS in a

Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation

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