STARLIMS Environmental Sciences Solution 3.1 Released
October 17, 2019
The New Technologies Transforming Networking – Part 1
October 22, 2019
On July 17, 2019, Abbott released STARLIMS Life Sciences Solution 11.1 to assist labs in the management of sample and testing workflows, especially those that are complex, and promote data integrity and safety for the whole lifecycle.

Intended for a variety of industries, Life Sciences Solution 11.1 can serve the academic research, animal health, biorepository, clinical research, molecular, pre-clinical, and specialty diagnostics fields for managing and testing clinical samples. This latest version was constructed on the newest version of STARLIMS Technology platform 11.7.
Ongoing enhancements and innovations of LIMS (laboratory information management systems) platforms will be crucial as data volume increases enormously, numerous industries implement precision medicine and molecular testing, and the competition to deliver new products becomes even more intense. 
Advancements in molecular laboratory testing are being driven by the growing availability of PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) testing and NGS (next generation sequencing) to public health, specialty diagnostic testing, and contract research organizations. Both PCR and NGS testing need multiple steps in terms of preparing samples, calculating for reagents, implementing quality control, and tracking inventory.
Through infrastructures that are workflow centered and predictive analytics support, Life Sciences Solution 11.1 assists labs in the management of data from idea to the marketplace, addressing the growing desire for improved worldwide integration and providing access to several functions. Below are the new enhancements:

Molecular Workflows

Enabling the configuration of simple or complex plate and sample workflows, this solution enhances user experience.

HL7 Interfaces

The simplification of HL7 bidirectional interface configurations results in improved interoperability.
API (Application Programming Interface)
Secure integration is enabled with a wide variety of platforms through a REST API that supports predictive analytics.


There are improvements regarding equipment status, new sample transactions, and traceability. In addition, upgrades that were released in software suite’s version 11.0 are included.
Laboratories will be able to carry out either an on-premise or cloud installation of Life Sciences Solution 11.1. The globally-proven AWS infrastructure hosts STARLIMS cloud services.
Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation
Alpha Engineering Associates, Inc. has been involved with the implementation of over 50 LIMS systems ranging in size from small, “off-the-shelf” software systems to very large, highly customized, multi-functional systems, including STARLIMS, for both governmental agencies and private enterprises. For affordable client-focused network consulting services and solutions, please call Alpha Engineering Associates today at (410) 295-9500.

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