The Basics of a Virtual Private Network – Part 1
October 10, 2016
The Basics of a Virtual Private Network – Part 3
October 18, 2016

VPN – Virtual Private Networks

As mentioned previously, the new era of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Wear Your Own Device (WYOD) has forced businesses to reconsider their security systems. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) will play a major part in safeguarding business information. A company will allow its employees to work anywhere, anytime by setting up a VPN.

VPN Checklist

Ranging from a basic VPN that is browser-based utilizing a SSL to systems that are much more complicated, there will be a VPN suitable for every company. The following is a checklist that may be used for guidance for selecting a VPN.

Data Audit

A comprehensive analysis of who will connect and how using a VPN, along with a complete understanding of the type of data they will share, will be critical. This information in hand will assist a company as to selecting the proper VPN protocol.

Internet Connection

Virtual Private Networks are capable of using a tremendous amount of bandwidth. Thus, a company must make sure its internet connection is able to cope with increased traffic. Static IP addresses will also be required so setting up a new VPN each time a connection is needed will be avoided.

Maintenance for Security

An emphasis on security is critical for VPNs… A VPN may be configured to be either behind or in front of a firewall, and so security is of great importance. Consequently, updated antivirus and antimalware software must be utilized.

Public Wi-Fi

In order to have a secure connection while using Wi-Fi hotspots, employees will need to use applications such as WiTopia and HotSpotVPN.

Secure VPN Client

Each VPN will utilize its particular client to connect with another service or device. User IDs and passwords will be stored inside them, and this may present a security problem. By utilizing a personalized firewall or a password for the computer’s BIOS, unauthorized users can be prevented from using the VPN’s client if the device were stolen.

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