Top New Cybersecurity Threats of Summer 2019 – Part 1
July 24, 2019
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August 4, 2019
As discussed in Part 1, the summer of 2019 will see the continued increase in sophistication of the types of cyberattacks being deployed. Awareness of emerging cyber threats will help business leaders and IT personnel prepare defenses that will protect their companies. Part 2 will discuss IoT Malware Attacks, Mobile Device Malware, and XSS Attacks.

IoT Malware Attacks

Because they have serious security vulnerabilities, IoT (Internet of Things) devices are being targeted by cybercriminals for malware attacks at a growing rate.
A 2018 study found that malware targeting IoT devices increased by 72% during the third quarter and more than 200% last year.
According to research, IoT botnets that are designed to seek and exploit unpatched vulnerabilities within connected devices made up almost 80% of malware carrier network activity in 2018.

Mobile Device Malware

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly targeted for malware attacks because they are growing in vulnerability due to inadequate cyber threat management. In addition, companies that attempt to integrate solutions for mobile device management (MDM) are stymied by privacy concerns.
The great majority of Android devices around the world are using outdated versions of the Android mobile operating system. Companies should take the initiative and make sure that their employees have access to anti-malware solutions to mitigate security concerns.

XSS Attacks

Companies are finding it difficult to combat XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks during the development cycle. A study found that approximately 20% of vulnerabilities identified are XSS areas, which makes them the most common type of vulnerability. 
An XSS attack occurs when cybercriminals hijack an enterprise website by injecting malicious code into the victim’s browser. The code’s execution may allow the attackers to steal cookie data required for user authentication. The resulting data breach can lead to theft and significant economic losses.
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