Five Growing Cyber Threats of 2019 – Part 2
April 21, 2019
What’s New in the Windows 10 April 2019 Update – Part 2
April 28, 2019
The newest Windows 10 version thought to be called “April 2019 Update” is nearing release. Although not a transformation, there will be several interesting revisions that will revamp the look of the four-year-old operating system. The following will discuss the major changes coming soon.

Upgraded Start Menu

The upgraded Start Menu will have one column and less pre-installed apps and live tiles. Users will be able to eliminate some standard Windows 10 apps that are going unused, such as Sticky Notes, 3D Viewer, Voice Recorder, Calendar, and Paint 3D.

Light Theme

Following up the coming of dark mode in 2018, the light theme will be introduced with the next update. This visual approach will render the Action Center, Start Menu, and Taskbar with a lighter and brighter white. A number of icons that are found in the system tray and Taskbar, including File Explorer and OneDrive, will now match the light theme.

Cortana & Search Separated

The April 2019 Update will separate Cortana and Search in the Windows 10 Taskbar. In past releases, their functions were integrated. The search box in the Taskbar will now exclusively launch file, folder, and document searches, while the Cortana icon will activate the digital assistant. According to Microsoft, this separation will allow independent development of innovations for each feature.
The search experience itself will undergo changes in the April 2019 Update. Windows 10 will be capable of searching and indexing every folder and drive, rather than being limited to the default folders containing documents, pictures, and videos. A new search interface will also be introduced, and searches will be performed with greater accuracy and speed.
Important Reminder: Extended support for Windows 7 will end less than a year from now on January 14, 2020. Consider upgrading to Windows 10 today.
Part 2 will discuss Changes to Updates, Windows Sandbox, and Miscellaneous Additions.
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