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May 30, 2016
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RAM–also known as Random Access Memory–is a  chip, or hardware tool and element of the central processing unit that allows information to be stored and also retrieved on a computer.

If you have a computer that is 3 or more years old it might be slowing down. Adding more RAM is the best way to give it a jump start and add more speed to the function of your computer.

RAM is what helps your computer to have increased speed which helps the function of your computer and extends its life. Test your computer before you add more Ram, to make sure it is stable.  It’s best to test it again after you add RAM to make sure your computer is running smoothly. If your computer system crashes or doesn’t reboot, you need to remove the old RAM and only use the new RAM. You need to make sure you are adding RAM that is completely compatible to your computer. Be sure to check the RAM specifications to get the right one.

RAM increases the size of the work space on your computer. If you have been having trouble with your computer running slow, adding more RAM might help your computer increase its speed.

It is recommended that you have more RAM in your computer than you might need to be sure your computer can keep up with all of the work you want it to do at a speed that will assure you that you can complete your work without your computer slowing you down or freezing   when you’re in the middle of completing an important project. This will also allow you to multi-task your various projects. Adding more RAM is the easiest way to get your computer to function with record speed.

For help on choosing the right RAM and to install it properly, please call or contact Alpha Engineering Associates at 410-295-9500.

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