Basics of Setting Up Your Small Business Network
November 2, 2020
Cloud Managed Services’ Top 8 Benefits – Part 2
November 12, 2020

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A Cloud Managed Services Provider (cloud MSP) allows businesses to outsource the IT management and technical support of their cloud-based services. These cloud MSPs provide the automation and enhancement of business operations. Their services include monitoring, reporting, back-up, disaster recovery, testing, and other tasks involving cloud computing.

Top 8 Benefits

Companies that use either the multi-tenant or hybrid cloud system can be assisted by a cloud MSP. These firms assist organizations by closing any cloud management gaps, which results in increasing operational efficiency. The following will discuss the Top 8 Benefits from retaining a cloud MSP for your business.
1) Predictable Costs
Cloud MSPs provide flexibility by offering various support tiers, allowing clients to choose one that meets their company requirements. This arrangement results in a consistent monthly bill which helps control spending and budgets.
Should a company’s technical support needs peak during certain periods of the year, a cloud MSP can raise their support tier quickly, meeting the greater demand. If these spikes are predictable, a support plan can be customized to anticipate higher or lower levels of a support for certain months.
2) Reduce or Eliminate CAPEX
By outsourcing their cloud managed services, companies can still take advantage of a robust network infrastructure while avoiding purchasing physical assets and making capital expenditures (CAPEX).
Cloud MSPs will handle the setup and maintenance of a company’s network. They take responsibility for tasks such as cloud migration planning, overseeing hardware assets, and training staff members.
3) IT Staff Free for Crucial Projects
Cloud managed service providers can be retained to provide services 24/7. Outsourcing frees up a company’s IT staff from handling tasks that are cloud-specific, such as fixing system outages or troubleshooting a slow network. Thus, in-house IT employees and software engineers can stay focused on important projects intended to carry out an organization’s IT strategy or technical initiatives designed to generate more revenue.
Part 2 will discuss five more cloud managed services’ benefits.
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