Improve Your Company's Network Performance Today – Part 2
May 26, 2020
Know Why You Should Replace Your LIMS? – Part 2
May 30, 2020

As time passes, using a legacy Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) may result in unanticipated difficulties. The problems caused are usually compelling enough for your company to consider replacing your LIMS.

Legacy LIMS System Issues

Over the years, a legacy LIMS may become increasingly customized. This often works against increasing productivity because customization can lead to inflexible processes, resulting in a number of data capturing and processing problems. Fortunately, replacing your system can tackle and resolve existing issues simultaneously.
If your organization has several laboratories, the scale of the project may seem daunting. Determining the proper software and LIMS that will address the problems will involve the efforts and contributions of both management and laboratory personnel over an extended period.
To begin, identify all the issues from using the legacy system. The following will discuss three reasons why your organization may need to replace your legacy LIMS.

Customization & Regulatory Issues

Customizing a LIMS can be carried out in several ways. A system may be implemented that is already custom-designed with specific features and functions for a laboratory. Another possibility is a LIMS supplemented with software and hardware from other companies. This kind of legacy LIMS required laboratory personnel to create specific workarounds over time to cope with evolving operations or system limitations.
Whatever the reasons for a LIMS’ customization, upgrading will likely not be possible. Experience has found that upgrading a customized LIMS usually ends up failing. A heavily customized LIMS requires documentation that takes extensive time and effort. This makes it more difficult for a lab to meet the traceability standards of ISO 17025. As the regulatory standards of every major industry are constantly revised and updated, being unable to remain compliant will force a laboratory to replace its outdated legacy LIMS.
Part 2 will discuss two more important reasons why you should replace your LIMS.
Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation
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