STARLIMS Technology Platform v12.1 Release – Part 2
November 22, 2020
Upgrade Your Network Infrastructure for Growth
November 29, 2020

The design of a company’s network infrastructure is crucial for its future success. Understanding the basics will allow your technical team to take the rights steps during planning. For most companies, the three main phases that will make up its network design project are the following:
Phase 1: Identification of Network Requirements
Phase 2: Characterization of Existing Network
Phase 3: Network Topology Design

Phase 1: Identification of Network Requirements

The network designer interviews the client’s management in order to learn and understand the objectives of their company’s project. Especially critical are discussions with the IT director for the gathering of data regarding the company’s current network infrastructure.
The main topics of these meetings are the company’s 1) Business Goals and 2) Technical Requirements. Regarding the first, the conversations should revolve around how the network upgrade will improve the functions of the business. As far as the second, discussions should be primarily about the objectives for implementing technology inside the network.

Phase 2: Characterization of Existing Network

The gathering and analysis of data from the existing network is needed for the evaluation of its functionally as it pertains to the goals of the new project. The network designer will then decide if any components of the existing infrastructure can be retained. After making this conclusion, the designer can determine the new equipment and protocols that are necessary to fulfill the objectives of the planned design.

Phase 3: Network Topology Design

The “top-down approach” is the most utilized strategy for network design. Using this method, the designer first identifies network applications and service requirements. Then a network that has the capability to support them is designed. After the design’s completion, the prototype or proof-of-concept is tested. This process will prove whether the new network design is functional prior to its implementation.
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