Top Benefits of Managed IT Services for Startups – Part 1
October 22, 2020
Why It's Important to Upgrade Your Company's Network
October 30, 2020

As discussed in Part 1, your startup’s technology may be limiting how fast it can grow. It may be time to upgrade your company’s IT infrastructure. Part 2 will discuss four more Top Benefits for utilizing a managed IT services provider for Startups.

5) Cost Effectiveness

It can’t be denied that using a managed services provider (MSP) can deliver cost-effectiveness when considering the costs of a full-time staff, which many new companies cannot afford. You can pay per project or you can obtain a flat rate for various services. An added advantage is that MSPs are expert in meeting deadlines, so your project will usually be delivered on time. If you use an in-house team for your startup, the cost of maintaining that team is usually not feasible.

6) Cancel Break & Fix

Many startups also use a “break and fix” approach, which can be disruptive and more costly to their business. Every time something goes wrong with an IT function, all business stops and a technician must be contacted to make the necessary repairs. A more efficient and less expensive way is having an MSP oversee maintenance, repairs, and upgrades of IT infrastructure. This will lessen downtime and promote efficiency.

7) Manageable Budgets

Retaining MSP services on a monthly subscription basis will help make a startup’s IT costs more predictable. When your company signs an MSP services agreement, your monthly costs will be fixed for the services you expect. An MSP can also be hired for a special project, and their estimate will allow you to budget for their bill.

8) Access to Experts and New Technologies

When you work with an MSP, you should expect experienced IT professionals who are experts in their field. This will also give your startup an edge because they can recommend new solutions that may give your business a competitive advantage.
Alpha Engineering Business Support
Choosing an expert computer technology-support provider is an important decision for your business. Alpha Engineering Associates has been a trusted partner of many companies in the Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis areas since 1990 and offer:

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  • Network and Mobile Computing Support
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Software Development

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