2019 Cybersecurity Trends to Alert Businesses – Part 2

2019 Cybersecurity Trends to Alert Businesses – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, the protection of data is not just a technology issue anymore. International politics and commerce are also being impacted immensely. Part 2 will discuss GDPR Issues, Infrastructure Security, and Security Integration.

GDPR Issues

As of May 2018, GDPR regulations went into effect, and they garnered the attention of the management of many organizations. The question foremost in the minds of executives was how enforcement will be applied. When the first large fines are levied for violations, business leaders will certainly pay more attention. While discussions about an American GDPR version drag on through at least 2019, companies will be watchful over how effective data protection laws will be in the European Union.

Infrastructure Security

The infrastructure of large commercial facilities and utilities are now reliant on the web for monitoring and managing remotely. Unfortunately, their sizes do not make them immune from security vulnerabilities. Cyber criminals will also find and exploit security flaws in technologies that are unconventional targets. Devices utilized for the IoT (Internet of Things) are more vulnerable because of their typical low level of security. As a result, it is anticipated that there will be more cyberattacks involving infrastructure and the technology of their operations this year.

Security Integration

Making a company secure will require the integration of various security practices. The growth of networks that are perimeter less, with systems and data outside the network of a company, will make it even more difficult to secure IT assets. As a consequence, the improvement of integration and management tools will be necessary so companies are able to oversee their digital assets wherever they are being hosted – on premises, in the cloud, or on mobile devices.

Experts anticipate that more reports of cyber incidents will be made in 2019. The cause will be partially attributed to the European Union’s GDPR and its mandatory reporting regulations. In addition, cyber criminals will ramp up their attacks beyond traditional systems. Finally, cyber-attacks sponsored by both nations and corporations will become more commonplace and widely publicized.

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