Basic Guide for Data Center Security – Part 1

Basic Guide for Data Center Security – Part 1

The field of data center security covers the physical technology and software solutions utilized for the protection of data centers from cyber threats and attacks. The data center is where IT infrastructure is located, containing computers, servers, and other equipment used for the organization, processing, and storing of data.

Organizations transitioning their data centers to the cloud will eliminate expenses from using in-house servers and computing networks. Cloud providers also typically offer backup, disaster recovery, networking, and data management services. Since data centers store valuable proprietary information and sensitive personal data, their facilities must be secure.

Steps for Securing Data Centers

Complex in structure, a data center must consider an individual security solution in light of its security policy covering the entire facility. There are two chief data center security aspects: physical and software.
• Physical security covers strategies, technologies, and processes for the prevention of external interference.
• Software and virtual security are utilized to prevent unauthorized entries of networks by cybercriminals.

Physical Security

A data center’s design helps determine the integrity of its security. The building that houses a data center can be either single-purpose or multi-purpose. Multi-purpose facilities typically contain organizations that have no relationship to the data center.
Data center access is usually quite restricted in the buildings that house them. Their locations usually provide very few points of entry. Security guards are tasked to monitor areas for criminal activity by utilizing surveillance cameras installed both in the exterior and interior areas of the data center’s facility.
To enhance security, employees and visitors may be required to use two-factor authentication to gain entry that involve pass codes and personal identity verification (PIV) cards. Other solutions can range from high-tech biometrics (facial recognition devices, fingerprint readers, and iris scanners) to low-tech employee badge readers.
Part 2 will discuss Software Security and Security Tiers.
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