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In the past, company personnel would have to be at their desks to check e-mails or work on documents.  Nowadays, it is possible they can do both and other job-related tasks on a laptop, smartphone, or tablet anywhere and any time.

Many small and medium-sized enterprises, however, find it unaffordable to provide portable devices to their employees. As a result, company leaders must create a company policy for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to maintain IT security and protect sensitive data. Work with an experienced and expert IT managed services provider (MSP) for the best results.

BYOD Safety Checklist

• Create policy for acceptable use
• Determine security policy
• Give employee training and support
• Procedure for exiting employees

Acceptable Use Policy

This policy will set forth rules and protocols regarding BYOD. It will include devices that are acceptable, along with the types of files and programs that may be downloaded to decrease the probability of viruses and malware. Disciplinary steps for non-compliance should also be discussed. This document should be signed by the employee to acknowledge awareness regarding the policy.

Security Policy

As company data can be accessed from any location, a robust security policy will be required to ensure sensitive data is not compromised. Strong passwords, two-factor authentication, and the regular revision of passwords should all be required. 

Employee Training & Support

Regularly scheduled IT security education for employees and technical support for their devices should be made available to make sure they are aware of the current BYOD policies and will be able to comply with the rules.

Exiting Employee Procedure

As exiting employees will be keeping their personal devices, a procedure for preventing future access to the company’s network, e-mail account, data, and programs is absolutely necessary. An exit checklist will be a handy guide to systematically carry out each step required to maintain IT security and protect company information.
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