2020 Technology Trends for Your Business – Part 2
February 9, 2020
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February 13, 2020

As data breaches become increasingly common, the leadership teams of many organizations are now urgently addressing cybersecurity risk management. Executives are realizing their responsibilities include keeping current regarding emerging cyber threats. They must also oversee the implementation and maintenance of best practices for the protection of customers, employees, and their companies.

Role of Managed Service Providers

Many businesses are now retaining MSPs (managed service providers) to handle their IT security needs. Even an SME (small or medium-sized enterprise) can afford to work with an MSP to improve its approach to cybersecurity as we will discuss below.

Access to Latest Cybersecurity Solutions

Today’s automation tools can utilize SDN (software defined networking) and cloud computing for automating security checks and complying with regulations. Although automation is becoming increasingly needed by companies, its cost can be a hurdle.
Instead of purchasing software and paying an in-house staff to learn how to use it, an MSP can provide your organization access to the latest cybersecurity solutions affordably.

Compliance Assistance

As determined by their industry, companies must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. An experienced MSP can help organizations comply with complex regulations such as DFARS, HIPAA, HITECH, and PCI-DSS and HITECH. Governments around the world have passed or are passing legislation intended to protect the sensitive information of organizations and the personal data of citizens. Failing to comply may result in costly fines and lawsuits.

Security Centralization

A managed service provider can put in place role-based authentication and permission for the applications, devices, and virtual networks of your company. Employing a solution-centric approach, an MSP will improve the cybersecurity of your IT infrastructure. Professional managed service providers are capable of offering their clients round-the-clock system monitoring, allowing the prevention or elimination of cyber threats before they are able to cause damage.
Alpha Engineering Business Support
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