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October 20, 2020
Top Benefits of Managed IT Services for Startups – Part 2
October 25, 2020

Your startup may have traction but your technology may be limiting how fast you can grow. Now may be the time to upgrade your company’s IT infrastructure. However, doing this yourself will take lots of time, money, and effort. Unless you are an expert, there’s also the chance it won’t be done properly. The following will discuss the top benefits for utilizing a managed IT services provider for startups.

1) Better Use of Time

The working hours of a startup need to be utilized in the most beneficial and efficient ways possible to survive.  Spending time troubleshooting IT problems isn’t wise as it takes you away from your core strengths and responsibilities, which mostly involves growing and making money.

2) Conserve Financial Resources

Your startup can conserve its financial resources by retaining a managed service provider (MSP). This way you won’t have full-time IT technicians on your payroll. The provider will typically offer service tiers that will be a match for what your company needs and can afford. The MSP will provide their IT expertise and oversee your maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades.

3) Network Protection

The Internet has made running a business much more efficient than ever before. It also provides greater reach to new audiences and markets. The flip side is that the Internet has also made companies vulnerable to cybercrime that can result in serious financial losses and loss of reputation. Fortunately, you can work with an MSP to develop a plan to protect your network and IT infrastructure from cyber attacks.

4) Keeping Your Data Safe

The volume of data being generated by companies is growing exponentially, and it is often their most valuable asset. However, if your startup does not have effective backup and disaster recovery (DR) plans, all that may be lost suddenly.  A managed services plan can help you create a system that protects your data to ensure business continuity.
Part 2 will discuss four more Top Benefits of Managed IT Services for Startups.
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