Cybercrime Threats for 2019 – Part 2

Cybercrime Threats for 2019 – Part 2



As discussed in Part 1, Verizon Enterprise Solutions’ Data Breach Investigation Report 2018 found that almost 60% of the victims of data breach victims have been small and medium enterprises. If you own a small business, you should be even more vigilant than large companies regarding cyberattacks.


Part 2 will discuss essential steps for improving your company’s cybersecurity. Consult with an experienced managed services provider to get the best results for your organization.

Basic Steps to Improve Cybersecurity

Technology by itself cannot protect organizations from cybercrime. A complete effort for company cybersecurity should involve staff members. It is crucial that they receive training and education regarding cybersecurity techniques. Employees should be familiarized with cyberattacks to improve prevention. The following are steps every company should take to protect itself from cybercrime.

Cybersecurity Training

Provide cybersecurity training that will increase staff members awareness regarding how hackers carry out their attacks. As the primary form of cybercrime delivery occurs via emails, employees should be educated on spotting phishing and other suspicious emails. Especially important is increasing awareness regarding malicious links.

Data Loss Prevention and Backup

Data Loss Prevention aids in the identification, monitoring, and protection of a company’s data in its computer systems. In addition, data backup will help mitigate losses from a ransomware attack.

Response Plan

Regardless of how good its protection is, a company will inevitably be affected by cybercrime. Writing a response plan will allow a company to act quickly in the event of an attack. 


Deploying security controls will help block unauthorized applications from being installed and executed by users.

Strong Passwords

Implementing strong passwords and changing them regularly will diminish the threat of hackers infiltrating your system.

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