Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 – Part 1

Cybersecurity Trends for 2020 – Part 1

Upon reviewing the cybersecurity developments from the past two years, experts can make an educated guess regarding what will be the trends for 2020. The following discusses eight trends that are included in their forecasts for the coming year.

1) 5G Vastly Expands Volume of Data

5G allows bandwidths that will vastly expand the volume of data that can be collected regarding our personal lives. Accordingly, the increasing amount of sensitive data involving an individual’s healthcare, finances, education, and government services will require protection from theft and data breaches.

2) AI Enables Faster Security Response

The use of AI will significantly enable a more rapid detection of new cyber threats and also quicken responses to address them. Thus, attacks can be blocked before they can spread. Unfortunately, hackers are using AI as well for seeking and exploiting network vulnerabilities and for developing more sophisticated malware.

3) Cloud Strategy Revamp by Enterprises

The growing use by enterprises of the public cloud infrastructure will accordingly increase their vulnerability to outages. Hyper-connectivity presents more targets for cyberattacks targeting the cloud, IoT, mobile devices, and on-premise networks, cloud, mobile, and IoT devices. To decrease their exposure, companies will begin deploying hybrid environments that implement both public and private clouds. In addition, advanced threat intelligence will be deployed.

4) Cyber Insurance Growth

The sale of cyber insurance policies covering educational institutions, enterprises, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and utilities will grow in response to the rising number of cyber attacks, especially ransomware. Some insurance companies have been directing their holders to pay the ransom demanded because it would be much less costly than attempting to recover from a loss or theft of their business and personal data.

Part 2 will discuss IoT Devices Increasingly Targeted, Mobile Malware Attacks Rise, Phishing Attacks Outside E-mail, and Ransomware Focuses on Targets.

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