Data Storage Ideas for Your Business in 2019

Data Storage Ideas for Your Business in 2019

A trend that is accelerating for many businesses is the requirement to store an ever increasing volume of data. Analytics, big data, IoT (Internet of Things), and video are all playing a part in this massive growth. This rapid development is forcing enterprises to consider infrastructure expansion in order to meet future data storage demands.


According to a recent study, technologies that handle massive data growth and data storage are the greatest factors for transforming IT infrastructure. More than half of those surveyed considered it more crucial than integration with cloud services.

If a company expands from 25 terabytes to 100 terabytes, it would be a significant growth, but within existing operational parameters for management. However, an expansion from a single petabyte to 20 petabytes will require new infrastructure.


Nowadays, organizations must understand the central role of big data and how it should be utilized to remain competitive. Data has been of great value since the advent of computers, but it was typically used for workloads or applications. Traditionally, keeping data for extended periods was to facilitate disaster recovery (DR), regulatory compliance, and archiving. However, today’s digital economy will require enterprises to leverage data to create services, make products, increase efficiency, and improve customer engagement.


The above data trends are leading enterprises to increase investment in their data centers’ storage hardware. Experts believe that this CAPEX will prove to be greater than the outlay for other infrastructure expenses. They also plan to increase funding for cloud data storage and new technologies like storage-defined hardware.

For technology implementation, companies are increasingly relying on managed IT services, which allow for greater flexibility, cost-effectiveness, scalability, and domain expertise. Consult with an experienced IT expert for your future data storage needs.

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