Disaster Recovery Planning

Over 70% of all small businesses fail within a year of a data loss disaster

Alpha Disaster Recovery Planning Service identifies your risks and areas of exposure. We work with you to develop a business impact analysis so that we can recommend options for disaster recovery solutions which balance the risk versus the cost.

What would happen if you lost your client data, e-mail, human resources records, accounting records, legal history, or website?

Whether a business is in the public or the private sector, a business‘ value is based on core competencies such as information availability and IT functionality.
Our Disaster Recovery Planning and Data Loss Prevention services help safeguard your business.


Identify all current and future network infrastructure weaknesses.


Be prepared for a disaster.
Have a comprehensive plan and test the plan annually.

Data Backup

Install automatic backup systems to restore your servers should a disaster occur.


Implement redundant systems that provide high availability and decreased downtime.