Great Reasons for Upgrading Your Network

Great Reasons for Upgrading Your Network

Your company’s network infrastructure may not be functioning at a level that your business requires. The ability to efficiently handle data becomes more important for every organization as both the volume of data and users grow in number. The following discusses the reasons why you should strongly consider upgrading your network infrastructure in the near future.

Rapid Increase of Network Traffic

Your company’s existing infrastructure may not be able to handle the rapid increase of network traffic. This is a trend that has been gaining in strength over the years. The advent of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) will accelerate the volume of data.

Studies anticipate that network traffic will grow over 20% annually through 2022. This may seem surprising but not if you take into account the mushrooming number of devices connected to the internet and the growth of video streaming for both entertainment and business.

Slowing Network

If employees think the network they are using is slowing down as time passes, it is probably not their imagination. The network they began using years ago may have been fine when the volume of data was much less. However, it may not be able to handle the current traffic, and it will become even slower as data and devices increase. In addition, new technologies will put even more strain on the network.

WiFi Inadequate

The usage of WiFi has also grown over time. Workers and visitors expect to access the Internet seamlessly when they are in your facility. Unfortunately, a network that may have been satisfactory in the beginning may no longer be adequate due to reasons mentioned above. Upgrading your WiFi may be necessary to meet current demands.

Cybercrime Vulnerability

Cybercriminals are notorious for targeting smaller and medium-sized enterprises because they are softer targets than larger corporations. They are deploying increasingly more sophisticated ways for infiltrating networks. Fortunately, newer network products provide greater protections, and an upgrade carried out by professionals will help preserve your company’s data.

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