How Virtual Machines & Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business – Part 3

How Virtual Machines & Virtualization Can Benefit Your Business – Part 3

As previously discussed, physical servers are very costly machines in terms of purchase, setup, and maintenance. Part 3 will cover the frequently asked questions about virtualization.

1) When should a small business implement virtualization?

A company that has one or more servers should explore virtualization because routine administrative tasks, such as migrations, patching, and upgrades are easily facilitated by VMs.

2) What are a virtual machine’s capabilities?

Extending the capabilities of existing infrastructure, VMs can be hosted by a workstation or physical server, allowing an organization to run several operating systems simultaneously, perform software testing, generate backup images of a system for faster disaster recovery, design new applications, and safely examine suspicious files.

3) How many VMs can function on one server?

The number will depend on a physical server’s performance resources, such as CPU, RAM, and storage. There are also licensing limitations, but this should not limit even a small business.

4) Are virtual machines secure?

VMs run in environments isolated from physical operating systems. Malware can even be examined safely as it will be executed in a siloed sandboxed environment where it can’t compromise the main operating system. However, guest operating systems should be patched and protected the same way as a physical machine.

5) What is the first step for implementing virtualization?

As implementing virtualization can be complex for companies doing so for the first time, it is best your team consult with an experienced managed IT services provider. To briefly summarize, you and your colleagues should work together and make a thorough analysis of your company’s applications, server requirements, and software. Planning the migration properly will be crucial for executing an implementation that will be successful for both the current and future technological and business requirements of your organization.

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