Key Features of IT Infrastructure for Businesses – Part 1

Key Features of IT Infrastructure for Businesses – Part 1

It is standard business practice for companies to comply with industry standards and regulations when determining the policies, processes and systems for their IT infrastructure. This requires implementing the correct safeguards for ensuring user efficiency.

A strong IT infrastructure is necessary to carry out business operations reliably and for providing excellent customer service. The following will discuss the key features of IT infrastructure for businesses.

Business Continuity Plan

The goal of a business continuity plan is being able to cope with a disaster or attack on your company, so that there will either be minimal or no disruption to its functions and business.

Assign Responsibilities – Form a recovery team by assigning responsibilities to departments for crucial tasks. Key staff members must be trained in disaster preparedness, recovery, and management.

Communications – In the event the internet or telephone lines crash, other communication means must be used, including mobile smart phones and walkie-talkies. An up-to-date contact directory with the mobile numbers and email addresses of key staff members and emergency personnel must be kept.

Identification of threats – Identify the threats that can potentially disrupt your business. A natural disaster can destroy a company’s physical IT infrastructure. A cyber attack can partially damage the IT network or cause the loss or theft of data. A power outage will render equipment inoperable.

Off-Site Data Backup – The backup of data should be stored in a remote server or on the cloud. Data backup should not be kept in the same server room of a building. This will ensure business continuity in the event of a natural or man made disaster destruction affecting your company’s building.

Standby Generator – Obviously, electricity is needed to run and maintain IT systems. Install a standby generator if one does not exist. Then assign personnel to maintain, operate, and monitor the unit to ensure electricity is safely provided to your company’s IT infrastructure during a utility power outage.

Part 2 will discuss Access, Assets, Scalability and Security.

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