Making Your LIMS Implementation a Success – Part 1

Making Your LIMS Implementation a Success – Part 1

The informatics industry produces a constant stream of new products for organizations with laboratories. However, each organization has its own processes and procedures. As a result, LIMS implementation will be unique for each. However, the challenges for every company will be similar during the process, and being able to meet them will help lead to the project’s success.

Defining Success

Typically, a LIMS implementation project was considered successful if its delivery was on schedule, within budget, it met predefined requirements, and it was completely functional. Even if a LIMS project had accomplished all of the above, it will only be truly successful if its users were satisfied. Thus, user adoption is a condition that must also be met.

Adoption entails users fully utilizing the new LIMS system, allowing legacy systems to be retired. Thus, involving system users at the earliest stages for feedback and consulting with them regularly is crucial. Successful implementation is the result of diligent planning, conscious coordination, and sound execution. It is much more than installing the correct software.


Potential Points of Failure

Issues regarding personnel and organizations will always be potential points of failure for every IT project, including LIMS implementation. Improper planning, inflated expectations, poorly predefined requirements, insufficient user involvement, inadequate management support, inexperienced technicians, and substandard leadership can result in the failure of a project. Fortunately, the source of these issues can be found in the company itself, and they can be addressed.



Staffing the project with the proper number of highly-expert project personnel will help ensure the project has adequate human resources, enabling the management to meet objectives. Outsourcing may be necessary because existing personnel may not have the skills or training the project requires. Retaining a managed IT firm with LIMS expertise and experience would be a good option for an organization that needs additional team members who are highly skilled.


Part 2 will discuss Assessment & Analysis and Business Plan.


Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation

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