Managed IT Services for Your Small Business

Managed IT Services for Your Small Business

Although almost half of all small businesses do not have a website, they are increasingly retaining managed IT services. Below we’ll discuss the basics of outsourcing IT management and how your organization can benefit from implementation and grow.

Break-Fix Model

Managed IT services can give a small company a cost-saving method for avoiding the typical break-fix approach. When equipment or the network stops working, managers obtain technical support and pay for their services. Although costs are limited to the materials and labor provided, the break-fix approach is problematic.

Using the break-fix concept leads to decreases in both productivity and revenue because of increased downtime. Another flaw is the reliance on outdated software and equipment, which continue to be used and repaired, although they can no longer adequately serve the company’s requirements. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have limited budgets to remain current with technologies and ensure sufficient protection from cyber threats.


When an SME retains a managed services provider (MSP), certain aspects of their IT requirements are provided through outsourcing. These services can be network monitoring, data storage, cyber security, and disaster recovery. An MSP can provide specific IT services and associated preventative maintenance that will be needed, including network scans and the application of patches.

Main Advantages of Managed IT Services

Below are the main advantages the managed IT services model provides that should convince managers to abandon the break-fix approach.

• Improved Protection – Remaining current with cyber threats is time consuming. Allow an MSP to provide network monitoring services, operating system and software patching, and anti-virus solutions updates.

• Proactive Maintenance – The ongoing maintenance that an MSP provides helps prevent IT issues that shut down a business and result in lost revenue.

• Ability to Scale – An SME can increase or decrease its service plan as it expands or retrenches according to business conditions.

• Cost Control – A fixed monthly cost allows a small company to better control costs.

• Retain Focus – Managed IT services allow a company and its employees to focus on their core business and make money.

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