Pay Attention to These Cybersecurity Trends in 2019 – Part 1

Pay Attention to These Cybersecurity Trends in 2019 – Part 1

We live in an era of unlimited business opportunities thanks to online commerce. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the growth of cybercrime. Hackers and their attacks are also becoming more sophisticated. Nowadays, owners and managers must remain current with developments in cybersecurity to protect their companies. Pay attention to these cybersecurity trends in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence Attacks

What sets apart artificial intelligence (AI) is its learning capabilities. Using data it gathers, AI can modify its own coding to improve its performance. When used for cyberattacks, AI’s learning ability is used to evade and counter programs meant to stop and defeat it. In the process, its efficiency and precision gradually increases. AI cybercrime will influence the procedures of companies worldwide. A recent poll found that nearly 9 out of 10 cybersecurity experts consider AI when planning their cybersecurity strategies. Another poll discovered that more than a quarter of company executives intend to include AI and machine learning solutions in their cybersecurity budgets.

IoT & Ransomware Botnets

The number of IoT (Internet of Things) devices is growing every day. As a result the likelihood of attacks via botnet infected devices is increasing as well. A botnet is a network of private computers infected by malicious software and controlled as one group without the knowledge of their owners. A DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack can be deployed using thousands of botnet infected and enslaved IoT devices like DVRs and cameras, causing significant losses to the affected business.

Malware Defeating Sandboxes

Sandboxing is used to detect malware and stop them from infecting a network. This is accomplished by confining malware in an environment in order to observe their behavior. Interestingly, new malware have been designed to figure out on their own if they are contained in a sandbox. They will not execute their malicious coding until they have exited the sandbox. Experts anticipate that attacks by sandbox-evading malware will grow in the next few years.

Part 2 will discuss Multifactor Authentication Growing, Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals, and Security Technology Increasingly Sophisticated.

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