Select a Managed Services Provider for Your Cloud Migration

Select a Managed Services Provider for Your Cloud Migration

The advantages of the cloud have convinced an increasing number of businesses to migrate to the cloud. When a company considers their options, the task seems very complex and daunting, and this is often true. How difficult the project will be depends on the current IT infrastructure’s complexity.

The company about to embark on a cloud migration will need the assistance of skilled and experienced IT experts to carry out the cloud migration. However, many companies will discover that securing the help of professionals with cloud expertise may be difficult because of a manpower shortage.


An organization will typically have three options when it comes to finding the personnel required for a cloud migration:
1) In-house Team of Cloud Experts
2) Cloud Expert Consultants
3) Managed Service Provider (MSP)

In-house Team of Cloud Experts

As cloud technology is perpetually transforming, an in-house IT team will be required to stay up-to-date regarding emerging technologies. Hiring experts as full-time employees will be a challenge because they are in such great demand and it will be expensive. The costs may be greater than what the company can afford.

Cloud Expert Consultants

Although cloud expert consultants may be able to perform the cloud migration, the work does not really end there. Support, maintenance, revisions, and upgrades will be required afterwards. Retaining consultants beyond the cloud migration may not be affordable and continuity may be in question.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Responsible for hiring the experts, an MSP will have a full-time staff of cloud experts on hand because they service several clients simultaneously. MSPs can handle a range of IT projects and typically offer monthly service packages. This would include cloud migration and the management required thereafter.
An MSP can provide around-the-clock services with rapid response for critical incidents. Depending on technological and business requirements, their services can be scaled up or down with flexibility. The MSP personnel assigned will have the required knowledge, skills, and experience for the IT tasks required by their client.
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