Selecting LIMS or SAP for Laboratories – Part 1

Selecting LIMS or SAP for Laboratories – Part 1

The choice between selecting a LIMS or SAP for a laboratory is an ongoing debate for companies considering an upgrade to a professional management system from their existing tracking software.

Introduced in the 1970s, SAP has undergone continual development for the management of sales and finance information. On the other hand, there are various types of LIMS, integrating laboratory processes to efficiently track tests and samples. Deciding which is more suitable for your laboratory deserves careful consideration.

The following six-part article will review several systems to help direct your choice. Subsequently, there will be a discussion of the pros and cons of SAP and LIMS and what makes them similar and different. Lastly, the particular requirements of a laboratory will be covered to help determine the benefits of each.

SAP Origins

An enterprise resource planning software system, SAP (Systems, Applications & Products) was developed by SAP SE of Germany. Initially intended for the management of day-to-day business operations, SAP has grown to encompass a wide variety of business applications.

Users of SAP

Originally for business management, SAP is now typically used by account managers, billing personnel, and sales representatives. They utilize SAP for the management of accounting, inventory, and procurement within an intelligent connected framework.
SAP is also used by manufacturers for tracking their supply chains, including shipping & receiving, while also employing machine learning for task automation.

Unique SAP Features

The capabilities of today’s SAP systems are based on its business management roots. Enabling users to use several operational and financial applications, SAP’s advanced analytics is capable of providing valuable insights into a company’s performance along with market trends.

Part 2 will discuss SAP Main Features and Usability.

STARLIMS Integrated Solution

STARLIMS implements the latest advances of modern technology to provide a totally integrated solution that incorporates LIMS, Electronic Laboratory Notebook (ELN), Scientific Data Management System (SDMS), Advanced Analytics, and Mobile within a single application. This innovation makes the creation and maintenance of custom interfaces to third party tools unnecessary.

Alpha Engineering LIMS Implementation

Alpha Engineering Associates, Inc. has been involved with the implementation of over 50 LIMS systems ranging in size from small, “off-the-shelf” software systems to very large, highly customized, multi-functional systems, including STARLIMS, for both governmental agencies and private enterprises. For affordable client-focused network consulting services and solutions, please call Alpha Engineering Associates today at (410) 295-9500.